Proposition 68: Clean Water and Safe Parks Act

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  • Proposition 68 will invest $4 billion address the state’s most important water, park, and natural resource needs.

  • Supported by a broad coalition of water experts, conservation groups, local government organizations, park advocates, public health organizations and business groups.

  • June 2018 statewide ballot

Proposition 68 will invest 4 billion Dollars in California


Ensure Clean Drinking Water

  • Cleans up and protects our drinking water supplies
  • Protects streams and rivers that provide drinking water from pollution

Safe Parks for Every Child

  •  Improves the safety of neighborhood parks throughout California
  • Helps ensure every California community has access to quality parks

Preparing for the Next Drought

  • Smart, proven, efficient solutions to secure future water supplies
  • Restores groundwater, which was severely drained in the last drought

Protecting Coastline & Natural Areas

  • Increases access to our coast and beaches
  • Restores and protects our natural areas and implements wildfire protection measures

Helping Communities That Lack Clean Water

  • Keeps toxic pollution out of our drinking water 
  • Provides safe drinking water to communities with contaminated water

Increasing Local Water Supplies

  • Cleans up groundwater and funds water recycling projects
  • Captures more stormwater and prevents flooding


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