Proposition 69: Constitutional Amendment to Protect Diversion of Transportation Dollars

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  • A Coalition to Protect Local Transportation Improvements to support Proposition 69: Constitutional Amendment to Protect Diversion of Transportation Dollars. 

  • We oppose a proposed ballot measure that would repeal transportation funds.

Californians depend on a safe and reliable transportation network to support our quality of life and a strong economy. In April 2017, California passed Senate Bill 1 (SB 1) – which will provide more than $5 billion annually to make road safety improvements, fill potholes, repair local streets, freeways, tunnels, bridges and overpasses and invest in public transportation in every California community. Road safety and transportation improvement projects are already underway or planned in every community, but this long awaited progress could come to a halt unless voters take action in 2018.




New Transportation Revenues

SB 1 invests more than $5 billion annually directly for maintenance, repair, and safety improvements on state highways, local streets and roads, and bridges. SB 1 also provides investments in mass transit to help relieve congestion. 

Accountability Provisions

SB 1 creates a new Office of the Inspector General (IG) charged with overseeing projects and programs to ensure all SB 1 funds are spent as promised and to reduce bureaucracy, waste and red tape. The IG is required to report annually to the state Legislature.

Constitutional Protections

Article XIX of the CA Constitution protects the gasoline tax and vehicle registration fees, and a some sales tax on diesel, and dedicates them to transportation purposes— about 70% of SB 1 revenues. Prop. 69 (up for vote in June 2018) extends these same protections to the remaining 30% of new SB 1 revenues. 

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