Proposition 22


In the years following the passage of Prop 1A, the State Legislature began funneling local tax dollars away from their intended sources and towards state coffers. In 2009, the California State Legislature raided about $5 billion from city, county, transit, redevelopment and special district funds. It was clear that another measure was needed to further protect, hotel taxes, parcel taxes, utility taxes, local public transit funds, Prop 42 gas tax revenues, and HUTA funds from state raids.

On October 20, 2009 The League of CA Cities along with an alliance of local governments groups filed language with the secretary of state for a ballot measure to protect these funds.

Strategic Challenge

Faced with a crowded November election ballot and a relatively difficult challenge of gathering signatures and getting the message out about the measure, the League and its allies relied heavily on a war chest of CitiPAC funds that had been built up since the Prop98/99 campaign of 2008. These funds were instrumental in helping to gain the signatures needed to qualify the measure. On April 29, 2009, 1.1 million qualifying signatures were filed with election officials.

In the months to follow, CitiPAC funds were used for, grassroots organizing and communications via radio, print, television and the internet. In total the League of California Cities contributed over $3 million in non-public dollars to the campaign effort. Without the funds raised through CitiPAC the campaign would not have been able to communicate directly with voters.


On November 2, 2010, Proposition 22 was approved by 60.7% of voters. As a result of Prop 22’s passage, local governments have been able to pay for infrastructure investment, create local jobs and avoid devastating cuts in our communities.

Prop 22 Campaign Coalition Members

League of California Cities, California Fire Chiefs Association, California Police Chiefs Association, California Transit Association, California Alliance for Jobs, California Redevelopment Association

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