Prop 1A


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Following years of state raids on local revenue streams, cities, counties, special districts and numerous local government coalition members set out to protect these funds and strengthen local control. Proposition 1A was placed on the ballot as a way to keep local revenues at the local level as they were intended to be used.

Strategic Challenge

Prop 1A was the first foray into statewide ballot measure advocacy for many local government officials. This presented an organizational and fundraising challenge given the complexity of this type of campaign.

To meet this organizational challenge local government officials formed the LOCAL (Leave Our Community Assets Local) Coalition. City Officials began campaigning and raising funds for the ballot measure campaign. CitiPAC Funds played a crucial role in the coalition’s ability to tell its story and reach voters.


On November 2, 2004, Proposition 1A was passed by an overwhelming margin with 83.7% of voters supporting local government control. As a result of its passage, local government revenues that otherwise would have been raided by the state legislature were kept in local coffers. This resulted in increased funding for public safety, health, libraries, parks and other locally delivered services.

Prop 1A Supporters (Partial List)

Governor Schwarzenegger, State Controller Steve Westly, California Professional Firefighters, California Fire Chiefs Association, California Police Chiefs Association, California State Sheriffs’ Association, California Association of Public Hospitals and Health System, League of California Cities, California Special Districts Association, California State Association of Counties

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