Our Successes

CitiPAC Works to Protect Local Control

Continuing a Track Record of Success:

  • Prop 1A Passed
  • Prop 90 Defeated
  • Prop 98 Defeated
  • Prop 99 Passed
  • Prop 22 Passed

Since 2004, the League of California Cities has been successful in protecting local control through ballot measure advocacy. Having a strong political action committee such as CitiPAC has been central to that success.

Continued vigilance and participation in CitiPAC is important to ensure that cities are prepared for any new threats that may arise in the future.

  • Preparation is expensive In the current political climate, it is becoming increasingly expensive to run a ballot measure campaign. Total spending on initiatives for the 2012 General Election topped $350 million. Average spending per initiative exceeded 31.8 million.
  • Cities must be prepared Threats to local democracy are not always predictable. If the League were to begin fundraising only when faced with a threat, the opposition would gain an immediate advantage. Ongoing fundraising through CitiPAC will ensure that the League has the funds it needs to address threats to local democracy at any time.
  • Cities must ensure their place at the table To maintain momentum and deepen its roots as a political force, the League must continue to demonstrate that it has a strong and well-funded political action committee. A mix of personal, corporate, and campaign fund contributions from League members will enable CitiPAC to continue to advocate on behalf of cities.

How can city officials support CitiPAC?

  • CitiPAC protects the local democracy that you are a part of every single day. It is important for city officials and employees to contribute to support the vitality and protection of California cities. Working in the cities provides you an up-close look at those issues that affect our communities. CitiPAC is here to protect the cities’ rights to local control and to protect the funding sources that remain vulnerable, even after the passage of Prop 1A.
  • Supporting CitiPAC is easy.  Consider signing up to make a small automatic monthly credit card contribution.  This will help to support the League’s ballot measure advocacy and will spread the cost out throughout the year.  Please fill out the attached envelope to start making your automatic contributions today.