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The Cal Cities Board of Directors met on July 14 in Garden Grove and took action to oppose Proposition 27, the California Legalize Sports Betting and Revenue for Homelessness Prevention Fund, for several reasons. It jeopardizes local tax revenues, fails to ensure that all California cities receive funding to address homelessness, lacks proper enforcement mechanisms commensurate with the substantial increase in virtual sports wagering, and creates an unlevel playing field between existing cardrooms and new market participants.

This proposed measure would authorize online sports wagering in California upon the payment of a multimillion-dollar licensing fee and periodic renewal fees. It would also impose taxes payable to the state, some of which would be required to be allocated to the Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention Program.

To learn more about the No on 27 campaigns or to join the coalitions opposing this measure, visit the Stop the Corporate Online Gambling Prop: No on 27 or the Protect Tribal Sovereignty & Safe Gaming: No on Prop. 27 campaigns.

If you have any questions about Cal Cities position, please contact or your regional public affairs manager.

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