2018 Strategic Goals

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How does the League determine the organization’s top issues?

Every year, the League’s members and leadership work together to set strategic priorities for the next 12 months. These goals focus our legislative and advocacy activities and serve as a powerful tool for advancing local control.

2018 Strategic Goals

1. Address Public Safety Concerns of California Cities.

  • Address public safety concerns arising from recently enacted reduced sentencing laws.
  • Protect local funding and authority in the implementation of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act.
  • Continue to preserve city rights to deliver emergency medical services (Health and Safety Code 1797.201).
  • Seek additional tools and resources to address critical community challenges such as homelessness, mental health, domestic violence, drug rehabilitation, ex-offender reentry, and human trafficking.

2. Ensure Sustainability of Public Pension and Retirement Health Benefits.

  • Consistent with the League’s adopted pension sustainability principles, work with affected stakeholders, employees, CalPERS, legislators and the Governor to achieve meaningful options for cities to address growing unfunded pension liabilities that will ensure cities remain solvent and provide services to residents while continuing to offer employees meaningful and sustainable pension and health benefits.

3. Protect Existing Transportation Funding for Local Priorities.

  • Protect existing transportation funding for local priorities and oppose efforts that would reduce or eliminate funding for cities.

4. Improve Housing Affordability and Support Additional Resources to Address the Homelessness Crisis.

  • Increase state and federal financial support and provide additional local incentives and tools to improve housing affordability and develop more workforce and affordable housing. Support additional resources and tools to address the homelessness crisis and advance the recommendations of the CSAC-League Homelessness Task Force.