Commit to a $20 contribution for 20 months and help advocate for cities in 2020. This small monthly amount can go a long way towards cities’ ballot measure advocacy efforts.

CitiPAC, the League of California Cities political action committee, advocates for cities and protects local democracy at the ballot box. Several ballot measures are looming with the potential to greatly impact cities in 2020. Your contribution helps ensure local government has a voice through the upcoming election cycle.

The California Legislature frequently implements policies — whether through legislation or ballot measures — that allows the state to increase influence over all levels of government, threatening community services and local decision-making. A well-funded PAC enables the League to respond to these challenges.

The Challenge to City Officials

Contribute $20 a month for 20 months to build CitiPAC funds for the upcoming 2020 election cycle.*

Contributors receive:

  • Campaign developments and updates via the CitiPAC newsletter
  • VIP access to CitiPAC events
  • Special recognition at CitiPAC events

For additional information contact Mike Egan,, 916-658-8271

*Public funds may not be used for political purposes.

20 for 20 CHALLENGE

Make a $20 contribution for 20 months and help advocate for cities in 2020.
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