CitiPAC is the League of California Cities’ political action committee

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CitiPAC is the League of California Cities’ political action committee

The League needs the financial capacity to advocate for cities at the ballot box, and CitiPAC has been central to the success of protecting local democracy and tax dollars in elections past.

This year is an especially important year as the League’s Board of Directors recently voted to support a series of ballot measures that will improve neighborhoods and the quality of life for California city residents. Those measures include investments to affordable housing, park and water infrastructure; constitutionally protecting transportation funding; and opposing any efforts to repeal new transportation funding at the ballot box.

ImprovE California Cities & Strengthen Neighborhoods

  • The Water Supply and Water Quality Act of 2018 will appear on the November 2018 statewide California ballot.

  • The bond will invest $8.877 billion dollars in California water infrastructure, including key categories like: safe drinking water, Sustainable Groundwater Management (SGMA) implementation, watershed restoration, fish and wildlife habitat conservation, infrastructure repair, and many other important water management programs.

  • Yes on Proposition 2: No Place Like Home “Homeless Housing” Ratification.
  • Would enact the No Place Like Home Act of 2018 specifying that service contracts may be single-year or multiyear contracts and would provide for payments to the department from amounts on deposit in the Supportive Housing Program Subaccount including any appropriation or transfer to the No Place Like Home Fund from the General Fund or other funds as moneys required to be paid into the No Place Like Home Fund. Proposition 2 would also authorize the Legislature to amend the No Place Like Home Act of 2018 by a two-thirds vote, so long as the amendment is consistent with and furthers the intent of the act.  League position: Support.
  • Prop 6 would eliminate funding for more than 6,500 bridge and road safety, transportation and public transit improvement projects currently underway throughout California.

  • The California Professional Firefighters, California Association of Highway Patrolmen, American Society of Civil Engineers, business, local government, labor, environmentalists and first responders urge NO on Prop 6 because it will stop critical transportation projects and jeopardize the safety of our bridges and roads.


How does the League determine the organization’s top issues? Every year, the League’s members and leadership work together to set strategic priorities for the next 12 months. These goals focus our legislative and advocacy activities and serve as a powerful tool for advancing local control.


CITIPAC protects local democracy.
For years cities worked to increase constitutional protections for local revenues. With the passage of Proposition 1A they have achieved that goal. But the Legislature frequently generates plans – legislation or ballot measures – that allow the state to assume more and more influence over all levels of government, threatening local services and local decision-making. A well-funded PAC enables the League to respond to these challenges.


The League Board of Directors met in Monterey June 29–30 and took action on several additional measures slated for the November 2018 statewide ballot

The League now has positions on four of the measures that will be on the ballot this fall.

Broad Coalition Forms to Oppose Dangerous, Big Soda and Corporate Special Interest-Backed Ballot Initiative to Decimate Local Services from Fire to Parks to Roads

The “Tax Fairness, Transparency and Accountability Act” would drastically limit local revenue authority. 

Proposition Numbers Released for June 2018 Measures

Parks and Water Bond is Prop. 68, Constitutional Protection of Transportation Revenues is Prop. 69

League Supports June Ballot Measure to Add Constitutional Protections to Transportation Revenues

Ensures Money Dedicated to Transportation Cannot be Taken for Other Uses

League of California Cities Supports the Parks and Water Bond

The League of California Cities® Board of Directors in December voted to support the California Drought, Water, Parks, Climate, Coastal, and Outdoor Access Act of 2018 that is slated for the June 2018 statewide ballot.

Support for the Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond from the League of California Cities

The bond will generate $4
billion for affordable housing programs, infill infrastructure projects and the veterans’ homeownership

Our Successes

After having defeated the similarly intentioned Proposition 90 in 2006, local governments were again faced with a measure that would have greatly restricted land use control at the local level.
Background In the years following the passage of Prop 1A, the State Legislature began funneling local tax dollars away from their intended sources and towards state coffers. In 2009, the Ca…
Prop 1A Commercial Background Following years of state raids on local revenue streams, cities, counties, special districts and numerous local government coalition members set out to pro